Metro guidance system

The metro of the capital area is the northernmost metro line in the world, with over 60 million trips made annually. Metro is found to be trustworthy and well-functioning form of transportation and is an important link in the travel chain. The metro guidance system that originates from the 1980’s has now gone through major improvements with the help of user feedback, service design and 3D technology.

The reason behind the change was to unify the guidance system to match the modern standards from technical, guidance system concept and travel chain point of view, especially as the Länsimetro project completes. The main consultant for this HKL project has been Ramboll Finland. Our role in the project has been designing the concept for the static traveller information and the planning and production of the graphic materials.

The new unified guidance system concept supports every step of the travel chain from guiding to the connecting transportation lines to finding interesting locations nearby. The idea is to help traveller to find to his/her destination even beyond the metro ride.