Old folks wisdom

It’s better to have a hen tomorrow,

than an egg today.

Old folks wisdom

You can’t make cookies

when you haven’t got the dough.

Old folks wisdom

It’s nice to be important,

but it is more important to be nice.

Old folks wisdom

He who takes no chances

wins nothing.

Old folks wisdom

A clock will run

without watching it.

Old folks wisdom

A tree is known by it’s fruit,

not by its leaves.

Old folks wisdom

Together we stick;

divided we are stuck.

Old folks wisdom

When the well is dry,

you know the worth of water.

Old folks wisdom

Plain words

make the most ornamental sentences.

Old folks wisdom

Every pea

helps to fill the pod.

Old folks wisdom

“If’s” and “But’s”

butter no bread.

Old folks wisdom

It is better to be a has-been

than a never-was.

Old folks wisdom

It is better to bend

than break.

Old folks wisdom

A new broom sweeps clean

but an old broom knows the corners.

Old folks wisdom

Life is a journey,

not a destination.

Old folks wisdom

Life isn’t about finding yourself.

Life is about creating yourself.

Old folks wisdom

Wisdom is easy to carry

but difficult to gather.

Old folks wisdom

Gather ye rosebuds

while ye may.

Old folks wisdom

Pot is calling

the kettle black.

Old folks wisdom

All that glitters

is not gold.

Old folks wisdom

A golden key

can open any door.

Old folks wisdom

Grass is always greener

on the other side of the fence.

Old folks wisdom

Make hay

while the sun shines.

Old folks wisdom

Man does not live

by bread alone.

Old folks wisdom

Many a true word

is spoken in jest.

Old folks wisdom

Never look a gift horse

in the mouth.

Old folks wisdom

No man

is an island.

Old folks wisdom

Nothing is certain

but death and taxes.

Old folks wisdom

One swallow

doesn’t make a summer.

Old folks wisdom

The pen

is mightier than the sword.

Old folks wisdom

A picture is worth

a thousand words.

Old folks wisdom

A rolling stone

gathers no moss.

Old folks wisdom


is golden.

Old folks wisdom

Time and tide

wait no man.

Old folks wisdom

Two heads

are better than one.

Old folks wisdom

You can lead a horse to water

but you can’t make it drink.

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Navigating in the world of marketing is not as simple as it used to be in the golden 00’s. Joggling between different target groups and channels one comes across acronyms and terms that have changed their meaning before the ink has even dried.

We all face situations when we realise that taking your business to the next level takes much more than old folks sayings. We highly recommend that in a situation like that you should contact a professional.

Roban Konna offers creative and technical answers for today’s marketing challenges.



If the cap fits, wear it.


A rising tide lifts all boats.


Konna Visuals has been born

Roban Konna has a vast experience and portfolio in 3D modelling, animations and visualization jobs. We decided to make them their own website where you can easily find a wider range of case examples and other information.

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Welcome to new dimensions

3D is developing fast. The technologies, that were earlier available only for larger Hollywood studios, have now become more accessible by agile creative agencies and their 3D artists. The sky is not the limit anymore as now we are only limited by our imagination.

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